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Redefine recruitment:
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Our simple embeddable widget revolutionizes the efficiency of talent assessments. Elevate your hiring process eliminating multiple rounds of screenings and streamline candidate evaluation like never before.

Your challenges

Find the perfect talent without the hassle: say goodbye to application overload and irrelevant resumes coming via careers page. Eliminate delays in urgent hiring situations, create AI-powered curated assessments for every job description on your careers page, and minimize time-consuming and costly rounds  of screening. What’s more, you can do it all in a widget that takes seconds to add to any page.

A new day for assessments

Optimize application relevance and precision hiring

Cut through the noise and ensure top talent doesn’t slip through the cracks. 80% of applications screened today are irrelevant and 5% of the good ones get missed. By streamlining your hiring process, you unlock precision and efficiency that gets you the best talent, as fast as possible.

Simplify screening to expedite final selection

Save time and resources while securing the best talent for your team by eliminating excessive rounds and ensuring only the most qualified candidates advance to the final phase.

Turn any career page into a quality hiring engine

Our plug-and-play embeddable widget enables seamless integration, automating the first level of screening via job-specific functional assessments and resulting in a 60% reduction in time, cost, and effort.

Transform your hiring process with Talent Titan

We ensure no talent goes unnoticed amidst application overload. Customize workflows and implement reward mechanisms to enhance candidate engagement and eliminate multiple rounds of screenings.

In-depth performance and skill analysis reports

Use our in-depth graphical comparative performance reports and leaderboards to evaluate and assess a candidate pool’s technical and functional skills to quickly find optimal talent.

Simpler integrations and data flows

Data and detailed assessment reports from our widget can easily be shared with your applicant tracking system or any other tools through our integration and API layer.


Auto-curated assessments for any job description

Never manually create an assessment again. Our widget unlocks ultimate efficiency with automatic AI-curated assessments for every job description on your careers page.

Revolutionize hiring for any industry and role

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Assessments auto-curated by our AI
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Industries covered, and adaptable to any role
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Workflows and integration points

Enabling tomorrow’s workforces

Customers redefining recruitment

The assessment platform of the future, ready to implement today

Elevate your hiring game with our assessment widget: instantly make any page into an advanced applicant screening portal supplemented by automation workflows and superior analytics reporting.

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