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Stay ahead in the race for top talent

Hiring teams that travel to universities spend an inordinate amount of time on logistics and not on candidates. And when the list of campuses shrinks to just the most renowned, the talent pool gets smaller and the competition fiercer. Talent Titan’s breakthrough platform helps you identify top talent across the nation without the travel, and through advanced assessment and automated screening, narrows your focus your effort to just the best candidates, redefining how you track ROI in hiring.

Revolutionizing virtual hiring at scale

Slash time and cost per hire by half

Our solutions cut both time and cost per hire by 50%, ensuring efficient and cost-effective talent acquisition for your organization.

Hire the best, for every job

Unlock unprecedented talent capability and diversity with our uniquely sourced candidates, ensuring your applicants reflect the best the world has to offer.

Connect with thousands of candidates at once

Expand your reach with effortless candidate outreach, streamlining your recruitment process for maximum efficiency and impact.

Recruitment marketing for the ultimate candidate pool

Elevate the candidate experience with powerful branding and drip-marketing tools that build brand recognition and keep you top of mind. Once a recruit interacts with your company on Talent Titan, they’ll remember it forever.

Real-time dashboards for comparative candidate SWOTs

Dynamic dashboards provide instant access to comparative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats assessments, enhancing your ability to make informed hiring choices.

Job-description specific assessments for every candidate

Our gamified assessments can be automatically customized by our AI to match the specific of any job description you can provide it. Assessment workflows are similarly simple to customize, with any number of stages and triggers to track and define candidate progress.

Screen top candidates with gamified assessments

TalentTitan offers a comprehensive library of over 100k questions spanning 1000+ technical and functional skills. Our cutting-edge AI-driven gamified assessments allows for swift customization of assessments tailored to specific skill sets in various domains including IT, Marketing & Sales, HR, Accounting & Audit, BFSI, Healthcare, Legal Operations, and more. Get an unbiased, detailed perspective on candidate fit for every single applicant.

Ensure integrity with AI proctoring

Live proctoring acts as a shield to prevent cheating and unethical practices, and our AI-powered video proctoring goes a step further to remove the time and cost implications of assessment monitoring entirely. Candidates can participate from their homes, saving you time and resources spent on physical facilities and staff.

Build a strong and recognizable brand

We cultivate a dynamic campus engagement atmosphere with coding hackathons, ideathons, and contests. Our interactive hiring processes establish a distinctive employer value proposition, bolstering employer branding and attracting top-tier talent pools.


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