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Talent Titan Redefines Your Recruitment and Training with Digital Solutions Tailored for Tomorrow’s Needs.

A New Day for Recruiting and

Attracting top talent, identifying the best fit, and keeping employees engaged and motivated have never been easier, faster, or more efficient. Streamline volume hiring from end to end with larger and more engaged talent pools, harness data-driven assessments, and implement seamless learning management, all in one platform.

Future-Proof Talent Acquisition and Training

Revolutionize every step

Our breakthrough platform gives you the tools to accelerate and improve every aspect of how your organization acquires and develops talent. From employer branding to candidate sourcing and filtering, to hiring and training, our tools are made for better cost control, effectiveness, and scale.

More candidates, more qualified, more engaged

Our solutions increase your potential talent pool by 10x, giving you access to the best and brightest future hires. Our AI Recruitment Platform is designed to keep these candidates informed about your brand throughout the process by using recruitment marketing campaigns that increase engagement and attention.
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Functional assessments for every role

Choose from 1000+ pre-tailored assessments, or use AI to automatically create unlimited custom assessments based on job descriptions. 500,000+ questions spanning 50+ industries and 500+ roles ensure you stay ahead no matter the role.

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Simple internationalization

Support hiring needs for employees of any level and in any geography. Quickly adapt everything from assessment to training content into any language for global reach.

Unify hiring with Learning and Development

Our technology brings together advanced talent acquisition with engaging talent development capabilities, giving you a single platform to implement and manage.

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Scalable, cloud-based software

Our cloud-based platform eliminates capital expenditure and specific hardware requirements, preparing you for hiring at scale and with speed.

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Omnichannel or multiple device support

Anywhere, anytime. With interfaces built for any device, we enable truly versatile hiring and training experiences made for on-the-go workforces.

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Standardization for distributed workforces

Deploy uniform training experiences for dispersed teams, with an unexpectedly hands-off process that scales to your needs.

Hiring and Training Solutions Built for Tomorrow

Volume Hiring Solutions: Accelerate volume hiring with our AI-powered recruitment portal: brand, source, assess, filter & schedule with a uniquely streamlined process.

Revolutionize your hiring process with data-driven assessments curated specifically and automatically for each and every job description.

Elevate employee learning and training processes, and drive better engagement and productivity, all while you grow your team’s skills to take on larger challenges.

Talent tech as exceptional as your teams: our unified digital solution spans talent acquisition, assessments, recruitment marketing and enriched training & engagement.

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Turn your careers page into a quality hiring engine and automate the removal of irrelevant applications before they even hit your inbox with our patent-pending widget.

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