Volume Hiring / Hackathons

Attract top developers
with Talent Titan’s hackathons and
coding challenges

Efficiently build top-notch developer teams by deploying intuitive hackathons with quick setup, built-in reward mechanisms, and our expert organizational management and support.

Talent Titan builds tech teams of the future

Overcome challenges as talent scouting remains confined to saturated job boards, where competitors are already present. Navigate challenges where business expectations for hiring time surpass your team’s capacity, hindering seamless delivery. Struggle to accurately gauge and monitor the ROI of recruitment efforts while facing difficulty engaging candidates both before and after extending offers. Escalated recruitment expenses, high-volume hiring targets are added stressors to the already cumbersome hiring process.


Optimize technical role hiring at any scale

Boost brand awareness, recognition and referrals

Expand your reach with effortless candidate outreach, streamlining your recruitment process for maximum efficiency and impact.

Increase candidate participation

Elevate the candidate experience with powerful engagement during hackathons and an exceptional applicant journey that sets your hiring process apart.

An exclusive pool of talent

Access a significantly larger candidate pool of exceptional quality through our partnerships with universities and institutions. Optimize your chances of finding the perfect fit for your team.

Superior social media engagement

We take care of all the messaging that goes from your social media to widen your reach. We leverage tailored engaging content, university tie-ups, & our expertise to push your brand.

Fast-track innovation

Talent Titan Hackathons and similar contests are the fastest ways to be recognized by the largest and brightest talent pools of developers and management graduates. Our robust platform enables a hassle-free experience without any bandwidth restrictions.

Simpler setup accelerates time to hire

Right from planning, ideation, and preparing domain specific content designed for your company, to creating collaterals, sending mass mailers, and Whatsapp groups, we handle it all. Moreover, we generate brand awareness about your organization through social media platforms and leverage our connection with colleges to ensure maximum participation.

Expert process management and support

After each Hackathon, we do a thorough evaluation of entries, declare the winners and distribute the prizes as per predetermined process with our Clients.

Ready for tomorrow’s talent revolution

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See how our customers win the talent battle

How it works



Identify and compile training resources in any format, including presentations, documents, recorded videos, and YouTube content.



Design and implement customized and structured training paths for employees.



Ensure relevant training modules are flagged to employees, and monitor progress and completion.



Automate certificates and badges based on predefined performance benchmarks and cut off percentages.

Proven performance in advancing teams

Our clients win the talent battle

Build your future dev teams quickly and easily

Talent Titan gives you the ability to quickly and effectively deploy hackathons that get you the technical talent you need.

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