Data-Driven Assessments

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Transform your hiring process with tailored, data-driven assessments that enable you to standardize evaluations even when your interviewers get too busy. Leverage AI-powered insights to slash irrelevant applications by 80%, spotlighting the brightest talent among thousands of applicants with ease.

Your challenges

Stay ahead in the race for top talent. Customized assessments that are faster to create and fairer for applicants, seamless ATS and HRMS integrations for unified candidate views, and the ability to standardize evaluations even when you have thousands of applicants: these are the factors that are paramount to your hiring teams. Talent Titan empowers you to navigate these hurdles and more to revolutionize your assessment process.

Stay ahead in the race for top talent

Group 452

Tailored functional assessments for every job description

Use pre-built assessments specific to job descriptions to ensure candidates are aligned with your needs, and leverage AI generation to auto-create new assessments based on any job description

Group 453

Hybrid assessments analyze multiple skill-sets

Efficiently evaluate a range of skills in a single comprehensive session by easily combining question formats and topics. Streamline your evaluation process for any complex role.

Group 454

Built for high application volume

Effortlessly manage high application volume with a platform built to scale, technically and functionally, with your operations and your hiring needs

Group 455

Seamless integration with applicant tracking and HR management systems

Keep your current ATS and HRMS tools and simply integrate Talent Titan’s platform into your workflow to take advantage of our unique capabilities.

Group 454

Simpler, more useful analysis and comparison

Our assessment tools enable easier candidate review by generating SWOT analyses and competitive analytical reports that let you quickly identify the best fit.

Our solutions

One-way 1 (2)

Interview and evaluate multiple candidates simultaneously

Our asynchronous model empowers candidates and interviewers to engage at their own pace and convenience, facilitating comprehensive assessments of technical expertise, domain knowledge, time management, communication proficiency, cultural alignment, and personality fit. Standardized, auditable archives help elevate the quality of your hires over time.

One-way 1 (2)
Tomorrow technology meets today talent needs

Eliminate irrelevant applications from your inbox

An entire, automated, AI-driven hiring engine on your website in just a few clicks. Go from thousands of applications to a filtered list of just the top candidates: save energy and accelerate time to hire. With minimal configuration, our AI-driven tool can be deployed on any career page to automatically create assessments based on your job descriptions and start filtering candidates. With plug and play filtration, customizable workflows, 2-minute assessments, and questions at multiple levels of difficulty, all in any language, this really is a new day in hiring.

Reports badges and certifications for decision making

AI video or image proctoring to ensure integrity

The future of assessments is fair by design. Our platform guarantees candidate and response authenticity by maintaining a secure browser environment and using AI for real-time virtual monitoring and malpractice detection, whether you’re assessing potential hires or testing students.

Reports badges and certifications for decision making

Proven to revolutionize hiring

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See how our customers win the talent battle

How it works



Customize and set up assessment workflows tailored to specific roles and requirements.



Use the vast pool of questions from the extensive Talent Titan library or upload your own to ensure an accurate assessment.



Efficiently send out invites to candidates to participate in the assessments.



Access detailed assessment reports to make informed hiring decisions.

Customers redefining recruitment

Our clients win the talent battle

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talent battle

Optimize your talent assessment process and maximize ROI on recruitment with Talent Titan.

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