Data Driven Assessments / One-Way Interviews

Easier evaluations.
Accelerated assessments.
Top talent.

Introducing impressively simple, uniquely effective tools for screening and assessment that implement better workflows for parallel-tracking interviews and data-driven metrics for validation and iterative improvement.

Screening and assessment designed for tomorrow

Navigate the unique challenges and complexities of coordinating interview schedules for both interviewers and interviewees. Efficiently screen multiple candidates concurrently while assessing their time management skills. Prioritize the preservation of integrity throughout the hiring process, ensuring a streamlined and trustworthy experience for all users.

Advanced evaluation tools that deliver better results, faster

90% savings in cost and time

Experience unparalleled efficiency as you streamline candidate assessments on your schedule, enhancing the overall speed and affordability of your recruitment strategy.

Create a holistic candidate perspective

Effective tool to assess candidate’s knowledge, body language, technological, and time management skills all at once.

Assess multiple candidate simultaneously

Asynchronous model enables candidates and interviewers to complete the process at their time and place of choice leading to saving precious technical panel bandwidth.

Assess multiple skills with a single tool

Asynchronous video interview format facilitates 360 degree technical, soft and functional skill evaluations.

Connect remotely with candidates for pre-screening

Enlarge your talent pool by conducting pre-screening interviews for candidates from anywhere

Enhance hiring quality with standardized, auditable archives

Recorded video interviews can be utilized for obtaining feedback from multiple stakeholders reducing individual bias, thereby ensuring better hires.

Designed to deliver business value

Increase in candidate participation and applications
0 %
Speed boost in candidate selection
0 %
Reduction in time and cost efforts
0 %
Return on investment
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How it works



Identify and compile training resources in any format, including presentations, documents, recorded videos, and YouTube content.



Design and implement customized and structured training paths for employees.



Ensure relevant training modules are flagged to employees, and monitor progress and completion.



Automate certificates and badges based on predefined performance benchmarks and cut off percentages.

Clients stay ahead with Talent Titan

Customers redefining recruitment

Tomorrow’s evaluations made simpler, faster, and more useful

Empower candidates and interviewers to engage at their own pace and convenience, facilitating comprehensive assessments with standardized, auditable archives.

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