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Breakthrough employee recruitment and
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The shifting financial services landscape sees sudden economic, regulatory and technology changes that influence who you need to hire and train. Talent Titan helps you effectively recruit at scale, and then engage and upskill employees with industry-specific learning tools.

Meet the talent revolution head-on

Finding talent for a range of functional and technical roles and assessing them for diverse skill sets takes immense effort. Doing it at scale and across geographies is even harder. Creating engaging, high-quality training that effectively builds skills in a highly regulated environment can be equally daunting. Talent Titan helps you overcome these hurdles. Our one-way interviews and AI-driven talent assessment widget are designed specifically for financial institutions to scale teams with ease, and our tailored, bite-sized, learning modules help build the ideal workforce. 

Breakthroughs to win the finance talent battle

Industry-Specialized Assessments

Take advantage of pre-built assessments for a multitude of functional and technical roles, such as Finance Auditors, Accountants, Data/Business Analysts, Risk Analysts, Funds Managers, Investment Bankers, Tax Officers, Relationship Managers, and even Application Development Engineers. And when needed, our AI-powered customization automatically tailors assessments based on your job descriptions. Quickly set up evaluations for hiring at scale and rely on our software to do the work.

Custom Financial Industry Learning

Craft custom micro-learning training modules with ease, leveraging pre-built components written specifically for financial institutions. Train on relevant topics and boost retention by 90% with gamification. Set up modules easily, customize by region, and support mobile learning by default.


Volume hiring drives for sales and recent graduates

Cater easily to quickly-expanding sales teams with our tools and services: effectively meet high-volume recruitment needs and specific applicant fit criteria. Tap into recent graduate pools at leading universities to access the next generation of talent.

Multi-format Question Support

Break free from format restrictions with our versatile question creation process. With support for associated links, PDFs, PPTs, videos, and Confluence pages, you can create a wide variety of industry-tailored and topic-specific questions that truly reveal candidate skills.

Tailored assessments build stronger finance teams

Our assessment content spans critical areas including banking, finance, investment instruments, financial services, and insurance. Our comprehensive solution addresses the specific demands of the BFSI industry, ensuring that your future hires are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

Topics include:

  • Banking: money supply, monetary policy, loans, digital banking
  • Finance: financial markets, capital markets, securities markets
  • Investment instruments: Equities, debt securities, derivatives
  • Financial services: wealth management, valuations, investment banking
  • Insurance: Life insurance, health insurance, benefits

Customized learning at your fingertips

Talent Titan empowers you to effortlessly customize finance training programs to suit the unique learning styles and requirements of each of your departments. Whether you’re utilizing existing training materials or integrating new resources, our platform ensures that you can craft personalized learning paths in a matter of minutes.

Topics include:

  • New Employee Training
  • Financial Product Sales
  • Leadership Development
  • Tech Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Up-skilling
  • Insurance Product Sales
  • Succession Planning
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Company Induction
  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Consumer Support
  • Soft Skills Training

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Data Driven Assessments

Revolutionize your hiring process with data-driven assessments curated specifically and automatically for each and every role.

Talent Lifecycle Suite

Talent tech as exceptional as your teams: our unified solution spans talent acquisition, assessments, recruitment marketing and enriched learning & engagement.

Learning Management

Elevate learning and training, improve engagement and information retention, and empower a thriving culture with more effective L&D.

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