AI-Powered Interview Analysis for Superior and Unbiased Candidate Evaluation

Harness the power of advanced analytics to gain deep insights and improve the quality of your hiring decisions.

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Find the perfect talent without the hassle: Comprehensive feedback from interviewers facilitates Effective Hiring Decisions. Timely Interview feedback expedites the decision-making process. With recorded videos, auditing hour-long interviews is manageable, overcoming time constraints and resource limitations. Standardization and consistent evaluation across candidates ensure fairness and accuracy in the hiring process.

Streamline and improvise interviewing process

Group 452

AI powered interview

Analyze interviews from both – interviewers and candidates perspectives
Group 453

Concise summary

Provides a summary of interview topics , question and discussions that happened during the interview
Group 454

Comprehensively scores candidates on key parameters

Personality, communication, engagement, sentiment, and relevant technical skills
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Seamless integration

Easy to integrate with ATS and HRM systems and 100% Audit capacity with recorded interviews and data driven reports
One-way 1 (2)

Informed Decision Making

The Analyzer generates detailed feedback reports for each candidate, highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and specific examples from the interview, facilitating constructive feedback delivery and candidate development
Video Interview Platform with Talent Titan
TA widget solution for pre employment screening by Talent Titan

40 % Faster decision making

By swiftly generating comprehensive feedback reports, this process expedites decision-making by providing timely insights, enabling stakeholders to make informed choices with greater efficiency
Reports badges and certifications for decision making

Reduce Bias in Hiring by 30%

The Interview Analyzer ensures consistent candidate evaluation, minimizing variability in interview outcomes and Additionally, by providing a concise summary of each interview, it helps mitigate bias within the hiring process
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan

100 % Reliable

The platform’s 100% audit capacity, with recorded interviews and data-driven reports, ensures that every detail of the interview process is meticulously documented and securely stored. thereby promoting transparency and accountability.

Continuous Improvement

Analyzing interview data over time helps identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement in the hiring process, fostering continuous refinement and optimization
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan

Designed to deliver business value

Reduction in Interviewing Bias
0 %
Streamlined Interviewing Process
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Accelerated Decision Speed
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How it works



Interview Scheduled
TA Team schedules the interview



IV Analyser Invited
Talent Titan interview analyser joins the panelists and candidate in the interview process



Interview Analysis Generated
IV Analyzer analyzes the interview and shares in depth report with score



hiring managers can can conduct thorough reviews of the reports to decide next steps

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Optimize your talent assessment process and maximize ROI on recruitment with Talent Titan.

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