Transform scheduling chaos
into a harmonious symphony

Revolutionizing your scheduling with seamless automation and intelligent time management solutions. Designed to streamline your workflow, Smart Scheduler effortlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and missed appointments.

Your challenges

Stay ahead in the race for top talent. Automated interview scheduling is practical for high volume hirings. Clear communication in interview scheduling enhances candidate experience and strengthens employer brand. Automated scheduling saves significant time. Efficient interview scheduling ensures top candidates are promptly secured. Talent Titan’s Smart Scheduler will streamline and enhance your interview process.

Accelerate hiring process by empowering panelists and candidates to select their interview slots

Group 452

Self-service platform

Panelists can select their preferred interview times
Group 453

Slots for similar interviews

Pooling of similar interview slots to increase match ratio and enhance the candidate experience
Group 454

Streamlined interface

Applicants can easily view and select interview slots, minimizing back-and-forth communication.
Group 455

Admin dashboard

It offers a snapshot of available slots (by skills and panels), booked slots, top interviewers and more
One-way 1 (2)

Reduce No-Show Rates by up to 50%

Candidates have the autonomy to select their preferred interview slots, resulting in reduced no-shows, and 3X enhanced candidate satisfaction scores.
Video Interview Platform with Talent Titan
TA widget solution for pre employment screening by Talent Titan

Increase Interview Volume by 50%

Expanded interviewer pool and flexible scheduling boosts interview capacity, accelerating the hiring process
Reports badges and certifications for decision making

Cut Down Time- to-Hire by 50%

Efficient scheduling and decreased candidate no-shows,reduces the overall time-to-hire, enabling faster team scaling.
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan

Streamlined communications

Pre-interview reminders and follow-up communications ensure seamless coordination and alignment among all stakeholders involved

Time Zone Management

Efficiently coordinate scheduling across time zones for seamless candidate and interviewer alignment.
AI Proctoring Solutions by Talent Titan

Revolutionize interviews for any industry and role

Reduction in Time
To Hire
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Improvement in Candidate Satisfaction Scores
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Increase in Interview
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Transforming Recruitment Coordination: The Interview Sync Revolution

Problem Statement

Recruiters at a multinational company found themselves trapped in a cycle of endless back and forth communication, bombarding interviewers with availability requests. This led to significant time wastage and ineffective slot allocation. In search of a remedy, they turned to us to revamp their recruitment process and minimize the time and effort spent on scheduling.

Our Solution

  • With Interview Sync, interviewers could effortlessly choose their preferred time slots weeks in advance.
  • Recruiters received consolidated interview slots, covering all necessary skills, streamlining the process company-wide.
  • Job Seekers enjoyed a broader range of options from pooled slots, enhancing their experience.
  • Leadership gained enhanced visibility into slot utilization, facilitating informed decision-making.

How it works











Interview Slots Secured
Panelists provide weekly/monthly interview slots using the platform
Booking Links Shared Recruiters share the booking links with the candidates
Pooled Slots Booked Candidates choose from the available pooled interview slots
Booking Details Triggered
Booking details are shared with the recruiter
Interview Scheduled Interview is set up by the recruiter on the calendar

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Optimize your talent assessment process and maximize ROI on recruitment with Talent Titan.

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