50% of Indian students prepared for mathematics and natural sciences: reports


September 3, 2020

As per the latest Naukri JobSpeak report, the job site witnessed a 5% improvement in recruitment activities in July’20 as compared to June 20’. It said key sectors like FMCG, Pharma/Biotech, IT-Hardware, and Medical/Healthcare are least impacted in hiring.

Dr. Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer, Naukri.com, said, “While the job market across cities has registered a double-digit dip in Y-O-Y hiring in July’20, we see Tier -2 cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh, Cochin and Vadodara being least impacted. Top metros such as Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai have also seen green shoots in hiring sequentially in July’20 as compared to June’20.”

Talent Titan, an E-Assessment & Learning Gamified platform today unveiled its student data findings which indicated that 53.1% of students prepared for Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Natural Sciences is the top subject among students which accounted for 40.2% (15.9% Biology, 12.2% Physics and 12.1% Chemistry) followed by Mathematics with 12.9% being the second popular subject.

Leela Kaza, Co-founder, Talent Titan said, “Talent Titan uses gamification as a medium to deliver tests and assessment tools. The 2- minute competitive games help students to prepare for competitive exams, school exams as well as undertake personal and professional development initiatives”. The Talent Titan user data further revealed that Economics and Accounts accounted for 10.3% and 9.8% respectively. Language subjects such as English with 7.2% and Hindi with 4.9%. The insights further indicated that 2- minute games played by students for Marketing, Social Science, Business Study contributed 7.8%, 4.3% and 2.6% respectively. The students engaged with the Talent Titan AI/ML-based platform to improve their knowledge on various subjects for their examinations.

The Talent Titan user data further analysed the examinations being prepared for by the students. It indicated that more than 29% of its users in the student category prepare for Government examinations such as Bank PO, SBI PO, RRB, UPSC, NDA and IBPS PO Exams. General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Aptitude Tests accounted for 20.7% followed by SSC examinations at 18%. Management Entrance Exams such as CAT and XAT with 3.3% and 6.8% respectively.

Amit Arora, Co-founder, Talent Titan said, “Multiple scientific studies have proven the benefits of gamification and short burst learning in terms of better retention by our brains. Our platform helps students in improving their performance by getting better in pressure handling and time management while learning the core concepts quickly. After assessing and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses across subjects post quick assessments, the platform generates a personalised study plan to help improve the performance of each student.”

The report is based on the student and examination findings of the Talent Titan platform from 1.5 lakh students. The students belong to top schools/universities in India like Jaypee University Delhi, CBIT Hyderabad, IIT Mumbai, IIM Raipur, CIT Coimbatore, NIT Kurukshetra and Jalandhar etc among other leading names. The maximum number of students are from Andhra Pradesh (18.8%) from the School sector, followed by Uttar Pradesh (16.9%) being the second highest and National Capital Territory (12.3%). The other states include Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka, Telangana.