Talent Titan: A pioneering brand revolutionizing the HR tech industry

ERP Insights Magazine

Talent Titan was founded in 2017 by Leela Kaza and Amit Arora. The vision was to create an exceptional gamified HRTech and EdTech platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that can transform the way Hiring, Learning, and assessments are done. The primary aim for the company was to solve the core problems in the Recruitment workflow faced by both the Talent Acquisition teams and the Job Seekers by using new-age solutions and innovative thinking. Since its inception, Talent Titan has helped thousands of people get their dream job, thus making a difference to the lives of thousands of families. This goal to help others and bring a positive change is what propelled the company towards its success in the industry.

Talent Titan has been rapidly growing at a CAGR of 100%+ year over year, which is a testament to the impact they have made within a short span of time. Adding more about the services of the company, Amit Arora says, “Our flagships products include solutions for End-to-End Recruitment, encompassing branding the organization’s open positions, sourcing the top candidates, and evaluating the candidates on the right set of functional and technical skills required for the job, all in a fully automated and seamless manner. Our platform can be customized to the Learning & Development needs of the corporates, all the way from New Employee Induction to Skill-Based Training. We recognize that each organization’s functional requirements, team and project are different; hence a “cookie-cutter approach of one assessment and one training fits all” doesn’t work. With our ever-increasing library of 3.5 lakh+ questions across 8000+ topics, corporates can curate highly targeted assessments specific to a Job Description in a matter of minutes. Similar support is available to create highly customized training workflows at a per team level”.

Talent Titan’s solutions work on low-cost, commodity hardware which ensures Pan-India (plus Global) coverage and usage by all strata of society. Talent Titan has served many clients like Samsung, Acer, British Petroleum, Kuliza, Symphony Talent, Aurigo, First Source, Daily Hunt, Accolite Digital, and more for various solutions like Hiring and Recruitment, Learning & Development, Cross-Sell/Up-Sell, etc. This vast and impressive clientele acts as a testament that showcases the quality of services offered by the company. In a tech-driven world, the Talent Titan team has fueled the firm towards the right direction by always innovating to keep them ahead of the curve.

While asked about the company’s future plans, Amit adds, “Technology continuously keeps on evolving. Every day there is something new that gets added to the pool of technological innovations and up-gradations. Similarly, in the HR-Tech domain, there are many advancements that will be evident in the future like remote interview mechanisms conducted and evaluated entirely through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Being as agile and proactive as we are, we definitely have many innovative products in the pipeline that we would be introducing in the market soon. We would soon be releasing additional formats of functional assessments to help Recruiters and Hiring Managers to ease out the most significant challenge in the overall Recruitment Operations Workflow, i.e. evaluating the candidates in a timely and standardized manner”.

With all these, Talent Titan is aiming to make a name for itself in the global arena and be a pioneer who comes up with market disruptive changes”