New Ways Of Hiring

Hey, Are you a recruiter or a job applicant who is thinking about the new ways of hiring employees around the world and how is the concept innovating?
The startup culture is thriving all around the Globe. Sites like LinkedIn, AngelList and EduThrill are changing the way recruitments are happening (like introducing innovative hiring methods). However, why are so much of efforts being put?

No company wants to risk missing on to the next Steve ‘JOBS’. To fight the situation of missing talented folks, many companies are finding out ways to make their job application process more engaging and specific for the candidates.

Interesting, Right!

Not only candidates but also companies like building processes which do not stale with time. A lot is happening on the recruitments side and the conventional means of hiring are being replaced by innovative technologies in the 21st century and if you want to know more about it, you have landed the right place!

In this article, we enlist the new ways of hiring employees.

1. Video Interviewing

Well, this one is self-explanatory. The importance of videos and visuals has been growing. It is easier to see a piece of content than reading it thoroughly. This makes video interviewing an effective recruiting method. Using video technologies can be an astounding option for innovative hirings across the Globe. This method not only saves both company’s and candidate’s time but also lets them save money – and the benefits from a much larger candidate pool are indispensable.
By using pre-employment assessments that utilize video technology also let companies collect data on things like the verbal response, eye movements, non-verbal communication and uses this information to help in predicting a candidate’s likelihood of success in their professional cycle.

2. Benefits from the Freelance Economy

This is one recruitment strategy which is getting more popular. Sometimes, a company may need someone with specific skills – let’s say they want to hire a content writer. But they just need them for a couple of high-priority projects and nothing more.

So why not hire a freelancer to do the job? Sites like Upwork and Freelancer, bank on the data of quality freelancers for every work possible.

Just use one of the many freelance platforms available and hire a motivated and cost-effective freelancer. It will save any company a lot of time and money since the usual process of hiring can be skipped. Besides, working with freelancers gives a company a chance to get a bird eye view of the industry.

Also, If a company likes what is being delivered then they know whom to hire the next time they’re looking for a full-time employee.

3. Social Media

If you have not used social media as a part of your online recruitment strategy, it is time to get started. To be specific, younger generations of job seekers use some kind of social media platform when they’re looking for a job (80% approximately).

The possibilities of social media are quite stretched and are going beyond the big four sites namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Recruiters have started to think outside the conventional box and have begun to use innovative hiring methods like SnapChat and AI backed Applications to hire new talent.

The critical aspect is that when it comes to recruiting online on social media, targeting the right candidates is essential.

4. Virtual Reality Recruiting

Companies upload various videos of fun activities that happen behind the scenes. However, virtual reality is considered a much superior way to reveal the excitement of a job and a company. For example, the British Army is already using VR headsets to showcase their work and build their employer brand to excite prospects. Using virtual reality sends a message to the candidates that the firm is investing in leading cutting-edge technologies.

5. Referral Campaigns

Many companies have started to run referral programs where anyone can refer a friend and earn money. This way there are symbiotic benefits to both, companies and participants. A company, in this case, gets an amazing talent pool without doing much and the participants get a chance to win cash prizes if their referrals are hired.

For example, the AHC 5.0 (Accolite Hiring Challenge) where anyone can register and refer a friend.
Compared to other Referral Programs which are popular in the market, like those of Airlines, Cabs or Payment Apps, most of them pay 50/- or 100/- on a successful referral and that too in their own wallets. Accolite is paying almost five hundred times of that and that too in the form of money in your account. Now isn’t that single click worth if you get a chance to win Rs. 25,000?

With this, the exhaustive list comes to an end. Exploring innovative ways to make the process much more easier and more engaging for candidates will surely make the recruitment economy, better. Don’t wait and explore these new ways of hiring employees if you are hiring now. They are inevitably going to work in any organizational set-up.