The Intervention Of Artificial Intelligence In Education And Learning

Technology is sweeping the world off its feet. Those days are long gone, when thought-provoking technology and sci-fi movies were an alien concept. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, everything the world has ever dreamt of in the domain of science and technology, is taking the shape of reality.

Artificial intelligence is penetrating all walks of life: right from Space Engineering to Defence and Business. It has paved the way for futuristic development and further enlightenment of humanity. So, when everything else is undergoing a reformation, how can the field of Education and Learning shy away from taking advantage of and benefitting from artificial intelligence.

Education and Learning is the mother of all major development and knowledge. The intervention of artificial intelligence in this sector will have multifarious implications apart from time-saving and quality enhancement. While education entitles us to put our cognitive abilities to use, using artificially intelligent cognitive technology, that is AI, can be a breakthrough in augmenting our intellectual personas right from the school education.

Here are a few significant things that AI can do in the education and learning system:

Enhancing learning models: Blackboard teaching has quite been the basic method of teaching. But an artificially intelligent assistant could succour teachers in understanding the detailed performance of each student and adopt visual and dynamic teaching. Topics will become easy to understand with the help of plenty of examples given instantly by the AI.

Aiding administrative tasks: A huge burden of administrative tasks such as grading, evaluating, marking etc. could be handled in an artificially intelligent way, like OCR marking.

Assisting basic learning: Students often lag in classroom and struggle with advanced topics because they are yet to polish their basics. Understanding each student’s learning pattern, AI could present personalised courses for them to improve and hone their weak subjects. It could also give rise to mixed learning initiative where both the computer and student can ask questions and initiate interaction.

Driving Extra-curricular activities: AI’s intervention can also drive the interests of students in extra-curricular activities. Apart from mainstream subjects, activities such as story writing, picture interpretation, logical reasoning and lateral thinking can also be developed using AI, for the holistic development of students.

AI’s intervention in education and learning is all set to witness progress and growth for both teachers and students. The innovative and interactive intellect shall bridge the gap between learning and interaction.